Some new emoji today:

:gaysper: gaysper
:transper: transper
:lesbisper: lesbisper

Will add more flags on request.

Name suggestions for all of these are welcome :)

Will also remake them with blobcat graphics later.

@moiety Well into this, I made a few custom ones based on existing blob cats but had to trace them all first >.< I'll be keeping an eye here, and let me know if you need a hand =p

@Shrigglepuss I can share the .sketch-file or .svg-file if you want. I’ll create a GitHub repo too when I have something to show for.

The previous ghosts are pretty crappy in terms of how I made them. So I wanted to do these right 🌟.


@moiety =D Keep me posted! Might be a good opportunity for me to finally learn how to use git too

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