Today I went on a walk that lasted all day, during which I got lost for four hours, but I took my camera with me and done some photos. I climbed up a big hill and went higher than a helicopter. Your move next, helicopter

selfie / eye contact 


The best part of the walk was my journey back where I saw loads of sheep grazing and it's lambing season so there was lambs everywhere. They were all talking to me, and some of the lambs were no bigger than cats and my heart was melting all the way through this valley because some of them came to me and there were no walls or anything. They had a massive hill to just chill on and it was super cute omg omg omg SHEEPS

@Katarzyna So many good sheep to look at and meet oh my god πŸ‘

@Katarzyna That's adorbs, next time I meet a sheep I'll think of this and the field of Bobs

@Shrigglepuss how did I miss all this cool stuff? Glad you enjoyed your sheeps and your cave!

@dreadpirateyarr I think you missed it because I posted it at 1:30am ooops >.< It was a really nice day out, felt great to be outdoors and have a chance to use my camera again =)

@martaparta Thank you, it feels great to be able to share new photos, I've gotten very rusty haha

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